Abducted Iowa girl’s dad wants tougher kidnapping law

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Photo from WHO

After 15-year-old Kathlynn Shepard was abducted and killed, supporters of the Shepard family are working on a petition to protect children.

According to a report by WHO, residents are being asked to sign a petition supporting Kathlynn’s Hope Law. The law would be life imprisonment for people convicted of violent crimes against children, Kathlynn’s father, Michael Shepard explained.

“Even if they’re put away for life, they still have contact with their family,” Shepard said. “Where to what happened with us, there’s nothing.”

Shepard said nothing can bring him complete closure and that there is an emptiness that cannot be filled, according to the report.

“I believe that when we hear that the law has been signed, then that will be the best closure we’re going to get,” Shepard said.

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