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Family traditions behind the tractor parade

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Tractor engine’s roared down the Mississippi Valley Fair streets on Thursday, August 1, 2013. Some were small, some were big, but all of the tractors are old. All of the tractors are at least fifty years old.

Behind every wheel is a tale.

“My uncle bought it new and when he sold it my dad bought it and when my dad quit farming I inherited it," said Leon Rathjen, who's tractor was made in the 1950's.

They're a piece of history passed down from generation to generation.

Zach Ralfs completely restored his family's tractor so future generations can keep the tradition alive.

“It`s been in the family for a long time, I`ll never get rid of that tractor," said Zach.

Despite being a little outdated Leon says the old tractors work just as well if not better than today's tractors. All of the tractors are on display at the fair for people to check out.

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