Arsenal Civilian Workers Could Get Raise Next Year

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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin will be back in the Quad Cities Friday.

Senator Durbin is pushing for a new defense spending bill that would end the sequester next year. It would also add a one percent pay increase to some civilian workers throughout the Department of Defense.

As previously reported, Hooah Quad Cities, has started a program to help furloughed employees find temporary work. Senator Durbin visited the Arsenal back in April of this year, but since then, the number of furlough days for workers has changed.

Back then, workers were bracing for 22 furlough days. Now, there are only 11. Defense workers said this week that those furlough days could be reduced again down to just six days. Now, experts say that is not as likely to happen.

Senator Dick Durbin will talk about the budget for the Department of Defense Friday. No word on when or where he will be in the Quad Cities specifically.