Extra Parking on Harrison “Added Bonus” for Businesses

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After years of discussion, a change has finally come to Harrison Street in Davenport.  From 17th street to 5th, the four lane street will now be just three with a lane for parking.

When owner of Spears Retail, Curtis Spears saw the crews working to make parking spots along Harrison Street, he couldn’t hide his excitement.

“I came out and it was like Christmas,” Spears says.

Previously, Spears just had a very small lot that only fits about 4 cars for his customers to park and says it was holding back his furniture business.

“I actually lose customers,” Spears explains.  “When 4 cars are in here, they have to keep going because I don’t have the space for them to come in.”

He is excited about the new spots that will be available in front of his business.  He says he has had his business for 9 years and has waited for this from the beginning.

“I love it, it’s a blessing.  This should have been done a long time ago,” Spears tells us.

But for new hilltop area business owner, Gloria Hendrickson, it was the parking located behind her Hats, Hair and Wigs Shop that sealed the deal on her location.

The lot in the back is perfect for her customers in wheelchairs and walkers, but she is calling the new spots in the front an added bonus.

“It’s added bonus for me and many other small businesses,” Hendricksen says.

Hendricksen hopes the new spots will bring in new customers.

“I have a lot of walking traffic that just comes in the front door to look us over, check it out, to purchase things but the parking that is in the front on the street is going to help everyone in this area do better business.”

Both business owners say the added parking shows the city has really stepped up to make the hilltop area a thriving location.

“I’ll give them credit, they are doing well good,” Spears adds.

Some business owners did express some concerns with traffic back ups from parking and say they worry about parents of children at Jb Young parking in the spots after school, causing students to run across the busy street.