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Daley enters race for Illinois Governor

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The race for the Illinois Governor's Mansion is already gaining national attention, but some Quad City voters say they've had enough Chicago politics in Springfield.

Monday, Chicago Democrat Bill Daley officially threw his hat in the ring for governor. Daley hails from one of Chicago's most well-known political families and formerly served as White House chief of staff.

Daley made his announcement via an online campaign video, saying, "The biggest problem right now in the state is a lack of leadership -- not just political leadership, but a leadership that fights for the average person out there who's really hurting right now."

Daley's run will pit him against another Chicago Democrat -- current Governor Pat Quinn, who is expected to seek re-election.

Outside the city, though, some are wondering if another Chicago politician is going to represent them.

"Chicago's also known for how it's kind of its own state, so I think that has a lot to do with it. But until citizens really speak out against it, it probably will remain the same," said East Moline voter Lindsey Ekblad.

"I know there's a lot of pull in Chicago, so somehow, they have to balance that out too, you know?" added Moline voter Joe Ostowski.

To other local voters, though, Chicago is little more than an address.

"I don't think they have as much influence as people think that they do. I think that Governor Quinn represents the entire state, not just Chicago," said Verity Whitley.

And all agree that Illinois' well-documented budget problems will take more than one person to fix.

"We're dealing now with a pension crisis, and I see that more as a state problem, not just a Chicago problem," said Whitley.

Several Republicans, including State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, and State Senator Kirk Dillard, have also thrown their hats into the race for Governor.

The primary will take place in March 2014, with the general election not until November of 2014.