Police say Dixon struck by string of burglaries

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Police in Dixon, Illinois say they’re investigating at least 17 burglaries reported there in less than a month.

Most of the July 2013 burglaries were reported south of the Rock River, with about a half-dozen concentrated in an area of about eight blocks.   All of the break-ins were reported at residential locations.  Most of the reports involved vehicle break-ins, and some involved garage burglaries.

Dixon Police say they’ve received multiple reports of suspicious people getting into vehicles and garages as well.

Police say they’re working several tips in connection with the string of burglaries.

Police say the best way to deter criminals is to lock your vehicle doors, since “most suspects will continue on to the next vehicle if your doors are locked.”  Park in a well-lit area and do not leave valuable items in your vehicle.  If you park in a garage, lock doors and windows to the garage.

Dixon Police say they fielded burglary reports at these locations so far in July: