Chilly July night keeping people off the patios

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This chilly July weather was welcomed by Bix 7 runners, but for those enjoying other events in the Quad Cities this weekend, it’s very unexpected.

Many people at Street Fest were bundled up in sweatshirts and jeans and the cool weather was affecting at least one business nearby.

Normally at Sippi’s Restaurant in Davenport on a Bix weekend,

“We are on a wait for the patio,” said owner Jackie Berner.

But on a chilly Saturday July night,

“We've had open tables. It’s definitely slowed it down tremendously. It’s nothing like it normally is,” said Berner.

But not everyone gave up their patio seat for an indoor one.

“I love cold weather. I think it's a great relief from the hot weather,” said Baustian.

Others are more hesitant to call it a great relief.

“I don't like it. I expect heat in summer,” said Charles Banks.

Normally, there is heat. The average high for July 27th is 85 degrees and the low is 65 degrees. The record low is 52 degrees, set in 1925.

“I’ve never seen it this cold, no I don't remember a July ever being this cold to be honest with you,” said Berner.

“We have never had to wear a sweatshirt in late July…ever,” said Banks.

Record breaking weather bringing in customers in sweatshirts and causing empty tables.

“Not what you would expect for Bix,” said Berner.