Neighbors are on the look out after a rash of burglaries

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Some neighbors say they learned a lesson a hard way, now they're on high alert after a rash of burglaries in their neighborhood. Neighbors living in the neighborhood off 69th Avenue off of Route 6 in Moline are now looking out for each other.

Dale Witzel has lived at his home for more than 30 years and says he's never had to worry about locking his doors.

"I went to go in the garage and I noticed a laundry bag was gone," said Witzel.

The thieft used his bag to put soda and alcohol in that he or she stole from Dale's garage, he later noticed they had gotten in his wife's car.

"She found that her car had been opened up and they went to the counsel and took all the change out," said Witzel.

Just a block away Rick Bluer was also targeted.

"I went to go to work one morning, it was four o'clock in the morning and I opened up my door and I realized my GPS was gone," said Bluer.

Once Dale and Rick realized they weren't alone, other neighbors came forward and said they had been victims of theft too.

"Everybody's kind of more aware now, if the dogs start barking I start looking outside," said Witzel.

Bluer says all of the neighbors are keeping an eye on each other.

"Everybodys a helpful eye, we all have to go to work so hopefully that person is home, they can keep an eye on our place, we do the same for everybody around," said Bluer.

Their message to whoever is behind this, is to let them know the neighborhood is watching.

"Somebody might see you this time, you cant get away with every time," said Witzel.

It's not clear how many homes in the neighborhood have been hit.