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Read: What Galesburg survey answers say President should know

Crowd gathered for Obama visit to Knox College in Galesburg 7-24-13 (WQAD Photo)

Crowd gathered for Obama visit to Knox College in Galesburg 7-24-13 (WQAD Photo)

Responses to a survey in advance of the president’s visit to Galesburg expressed concern for quality-of-life issues including healthcare, employment and the economy.

The Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce surveyed area businesses to find out what they wanted to hear from, and say to, the president in advance of his July 24, 2013 visit to Knox College.

Some survey respondents said they wanted the president to explain and understand financial implications of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care, on businesses and individuals.

Other concerns voiced in survey responses included questions about how the national debt crisis would be solved, pension reform costs, and the state-level debt crisis in Illinois.

Responses to the question “What information would you like to share with the president?” included economic concerns such as average and prevailing wages, the difficulty for seniors to retire or remain in retirement in the current economy and competitive challenges faced by small businesses.

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