President Obama visits Galesburg Wednesday

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President Barack Obama will be back in Galesburg on Wednesday, July 24 and he will speak at Knox College.

It's the first time the President has visited the city since 2011, when he made a surprise visit to Galesburg High School. The President will talk about a topic that Galesburg residents care very much about, jobs and the economy.

Residents say they are still feeling the effects of the Maytag plant closure from 2004. More than 1,500 people lost their jobs in the city when the company moved its plant to Mexico.

The President touched on Galebsurg right after the closure. He talked about Maytag at the Democratic National Convention in July of 2004. He also talked about the closure with News Eight's John David just a year later.

The president is supposed to be at the Quad City International Airport around 11:10 a.m. He is expected to speak at Knox College around noon Wednesday. Tickets for the event are sold out.