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Door-to-door mail delivery could be ending

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Door to door delivery of your mail could soon become a thing of the past as the Postal Service works to get out of billions of dollars of debt.

Galeen Hertenrader has lived in her home for four years and with a new home comes new changes one of them being how she gets her mail.

"The worst is bad weather, is if it's raining or snowing or something it would be nice to have it on the porch," said Hertenrader.

Instead of taking a step outside her door she has to take quite a few steps to get to her mailbox. Newly developed neighborhoods have more of cluster of boxes popping up. They could end up being everywhere.

Right now 35 million people and businesses get their mail delivered to their doorsteps. The Postal Service says it costs them on average more than $350 per stop each year, while the cluster of boxes only cost $160.

However, more savings for the Postal Service means more of a headache for people.

"I know a lot of people around here who cant get out as much as I can who are older than I am and it might be even harder for them to get down to the mail boxes," said Ron Collins, who has his mail delivered to his door.

The most recent bill was introduced on Friday, July 23, 2013, so no word yet how soon or if it will be passed. Lawmakers are also being asked to sign off on the Postal Service plan to save money by cutting Saturday delivery.