Coyote captured in Rock Island trap

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Traps set as part of Rock Island's coyote removal program have captured one of the troublesome animals.

Residents in the area near Black Hawk State Park complained of coyotes damaging property and attacking pets.  Experts believe the coyotes are behaving aggressively to protect the area around their den.

The city hired a local wildlife service to lay traps near the den.  Since they would probably return to the den site if they were relocated, the goal is to capture and euthanize the animals.

One coyote has been caught since the traps were set July 12, 2013.

Residents are cautioned to continue to avoid doing anything to attract coyotes.  This includes not allowing pets to run free.  Don’t feed coyotes and don’t leave food, including pet food and garbage, in a place where it would be accessible to coyotes.  Coyotes are also attracted to birds and rodents that come to bird feeders, so eliminating bird seed and bird feeder use could also help.