Kids get early start on learning to recycle

Quad City kids had the opportunity to learn reasons to recycle while making artistic masterpieces.

At the Quad City Botanical Center in Rock Island, kids learned how to make planters out of household materials as part of a program called Art in the Gardens.

There are four different events at the center scheduled for the program, held every Sunday.

“I think it’s cool to recycle and make some things that might just get thrown away, go into a landfill into something useful,” said Ellen Loechner of the Quad City Botanical Center. “I think there’s a lot of potential there and it’s fun to be able to teach kids about it and get them going recycling early.”

The next Art in the Garden event is Sunday, July 28, 2013. It is called Veggie Art, where kids will get to use plants, fruits, and vegetables to create some colorful artwork.


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