Local winery wins medals at state competition

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A Preemption winery won five medals after presenting their wines at a state competition.

The Illinois State Fair Wine Competition was from June 17-19, 2013 at a community college in Springfield.

The Quad Cities’ Creekside Vineyards Winery in Preemption, Illinois presented wines at the competition and the following wines placed.

  • Moonbeam 2012 La Crescent – Gold
  • Sweet Retreat 2012 Vignoles – Silver
  • Blossom 2012 Vidal Blanc – Silver
  • Rock Island Red 2011 Frontenac – Bronze
  • Front Porch 2012 Traminette – Bronze

Nearly 400 wines were presented to twelve judges at the competition. The judges were divided into three panels and based their scores on color, balance, aroma, clarity, taste, and finish, according to the Illinois Grape Growers and Vitners Association.

Wines that received a majority score of 17 and above received gold. Silver was given to scores of 15 and up, and bronze to 12 and up.

A spokesperson from the Illinois Grape Growers and Vitners Association said in 1997, only 12 wineries existed in Illinois; by2013 over 100 had developed. Illinois is among the top 12 wine-producing states. The industry creates a direct economic impact of more than $600 million annually on the Illinois economy.