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Beyond the Green Screen: My Life According to Ron Burgundy

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I think it’s safe to say most people have seen the movie Anchorman or at least know of it. I found myself watching it again this morning since it was on TV. It’s not the funniest movie I have ever seen, but it definitely has a lot of good one-liners and cheap laughs.

What I think is most interesting about the movie is how it famously portrays the myth or stereotype that reporters of competing news stations hate each other. We often have fights in abandoned alleyways with the only rule being to not touch another person’s face or hair. We throw each other under the bus at every opportunity even if it means literally throwing a competitor into a giant bear pit just so we can get the “best shot”. We have many leather-bound books and our apartments smell of rich mahogany. Actually, none of that is true… in most cases ;)

I have been asked before if I dislike “so and so” over at that other station. Chances are we probably haven’t even met. I have met several other reporters and photographers from other stations but it is always a pleasant experience. Is there a friendly rivalry? Yes. We’re competing to put out the best product for our station. Would it ever escalate to the point where hand grenades and tridents were necessary? I sure hope not! :)