Pay It Forward: “She Keeps Running”

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Keeping up with Joyce Wright is not easy.

Her 75 years does little to slow her pace.

"She just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny," says her friend, Myna Sykes.

"She keeps going and going and going."

Whether she's going to volunteer at King's Harvest in Davenport or at the kitchens of the Edgewater on Third apartment complex, Joyce is constantly on the move.

"This lady gives so much of her time," says Myna.

"If you need anything, if Joyce Wright has it, she'll give it to you.  She'll find a way to get it to you, she'll help you."

And that's why as Joyce volunteers inside the Edgewater, her friend Myna and Ascentra Credit Union gather in the lobby for a surprise.  It's part of our "Pay It Forward" program where viewers nominate deserving volunteers who make a difference in their communities.

"Thank you very much for nominating Joyce and letting everybody know what a wonderful person she is," said Alvaro Macias of Ascentra Credit Union.

"She's a true definition of living, caring, doing what's right and on behalf of Ascentra Credit Union, I would like to present you with 300 dollars so that you may 'Pay It Forward'."

Life isn't easy for Myna, either.    She's hasn't lived at Edgewater for a long time, but she has found a deep friendship with the woman who inspires her.

"I'm a younger woman but I'm in a wheelchair and I can't get around the way she does and I just admire her strength, her courage.  I'm just emotional here.

Joyce has become the legs of residents who can't use their's.

She's the one who helps the kitchen by bringing food to residents who can't come down to the first floor dining hall.

I help them in the kitchen when they need it," says Joyce Wright.

"I make sandwiches.  I love it."

And there's a bond between these women, paying it forward not only with money, but with respect and a deep friendship.

"You have a true friend with Joyce Wright," says Myna, "because, like I said, she's just a sweet lady.  She's very kind and helpful."

If you'd like to nominate a person for our "Pay It Forward" program, just send us your information by using this simple nomination form.