Kids having fun while beating the heat

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Air conditioning, surely helps on days like Wednesday, but kids don’t want to be cooped up inside.

There was an overall agreement about Wednesday’s weather.

"Really hot,” said Lily McCaw.

"Really, really, really, hot,” added her sister Sydney McCaw.

"It is scorching hot outside,” said Jena Stone.

"Sweating down my face in the shade,” said Katrina Detoye.

Other than a few brave kids, the heat is keeping kids out of the parks and leading them straight to the water.

"Swim, splash and cool off,” said Lily McCaw.

"When I go down deep there's cold spots and I like it down there,” said Sydney McCaw.

The beach at West Lake Park was a safe haven from the hot sun.

"Yesterday and today we came it's really nice. It's nice to cool off,” said Nancy Chittick.

And the Annie Wittenmeyer pool was full of swimmers and kids splashing.  And while kids are more concerned with the fun, moms and grandmas are being cautious.

"I'm just paranoid of her burning. She's so pale, so lot's of sun block,” said Jena Stone.

"Put sunscreen on and hats, when we're in the pool sometimes and we just get out and get hydrated a lot. Keep covered up as much as we can,” said Detoye.

“They've been drinking lots of water and they had lots of sunscreen,” said Chittick.

The National Network for Childcare says to keep kids safe in the heat, outdoor activities should be planned before 10 a.m. and after 2 p.m. Kids should wear loose fit, lightweight clothes and if it gets hotter than 90 degrees, kids should not be involved in strenuous outdoor play for long periods of time.

"We don't spend more than two hours in the sun,” said Detoye.

Keeping kids safe, so they can have fun.

The fountain at Schwiebert Park in Rock Island was also full of kids trying to cool off.