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Hail To The Chief: Heat ‘Miser’ Advisory

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Searching for my next blog didn’t take long, but what an unusual place to find it and how appropriate given the weather of late.

As I was making my way through the frozen food section at my local grocery store, a gentleman was humming a catchy tune.  Hmmm.  I’ve heard that before but I just couldn’t pinpoint it.  Since I was horrible at that game show called ‘Name That Tune’ many moons ago I had to ask the gentleman.  After introducing myself I asked, ‘This may sound odd to you but that tune sounds familiar’.  ‘Come on, James!’  He said, ‘The Heat Miser song!’  Oh yeah!  Remember this?

Wow!  Does this bring back memories from my childhood days.  It came from the holiday animated feature ‘ A Year Without A Santa Claus’.

So, the Heat ‘Miser’ Advisory will continue through the rest of the work week with highs remaining in the lower 90s with heat index values just over 100 degrees.  By winter, I may have to define when a Snow ‘Miser’ Advisory is in order.