Davenport’s City Administrator a finalist for Ankeny City Manager

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Davenport’s City Administrator is a finalist for the job of the City Manager in Ankeny, Iowa.

According to the City of Davenport’s website, Craig Malin has been the City Administrator since August of 2001.

He now is one of six finalists for Ankeny’s manager job, according to a report by The Des Moines Register.

There were 47 applicants for the position and six were selected to take a tour of the city. The group has the opportunity to meet with city staff and community members.

Along with Malin, Cole O’Donnell, the city administrator of East Moline is a finalist, according to the report.

Mayor Gluba of Davenport raved about the quality Malin puts into his job and ultimately a city. He said Malin gets recruited often and receives excellent performance evaluations.

“Ankeny is a fast growing city, and I can see why they’d be interested in his vision,” Gluba said. “He is both a certified planner and a credentialed city manager, so
he’s well suited for growing cities. He’s also a workhorse.”

Ankeny residents are invited to meet the candidates at a public reception hosted by Mayor Gary Lorenz and the Ankeny City Council in August. The six finalists will interview August 6, 2013 with the mayor and city council.

Quad City Daily News  reported that the last time Malin was near taking a job away from Davenport was in 2011 as the City Manager of Tacoma, Washington.

“I see they are paying a salary of up to $200,000, which is more
than he makes here,” said Mayor Gluba. “He turns down raises, so I don’t think
that’s an issue.”