McDonald’s offers online budget advice for employees



The average McDonald’s employee makes $8.25 per hour, and the company is offering workers money management advice for living on low wages.

McDonald’s partnered with VISA to create a website that offers budgeting advice, resources and games for the company’s workers.

McDonald’s offers employees the “Practical Money Skills Budget Journal” as a “great first step toward taking control of your money.”

The site suggests a sample budget journal which suggests a worker would have earnings from two jobs, not from a single employer.

The sample budget journal suggests zero dollars for heating and does not include groceries,  gas for a vehicle, retirement, entertainment or gift expenses or medical expenses beyond $20 per month for health insurance.  It does, however, include a suggested $27 per day spending money, from which those items might be taken.

The budget journal is part of a series of money-management tools McDonalds offers employees online.

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