Davenport schools strengthen anti-bullying policy

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The Davenport School Board is approving revised measures to help prevent bullying and harassment. Board members hope it will better protect students and staffers as they enter the new school year.

Bullying is a war of words that hurts kids. Words that wound in-person or on-line. Sometimes youngsters wonder where to turn.

"You're making people feel bad about themselves," said Dixon High student Katy Bell. "Teens go through a lot of stuff already."

That's why the Davenport School Board is stepping into action. It's strengthening its anti-bullying, anti-harassment policy.

Read the Davenport Community Schools Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Policy for Students - click here.

"We don't tolerate bullying, We don't tolerate harassment," said Dr. Art Tate, Davenport superintendent. "If you feel like you've been bullied or harassed, there's a place to go. We have a very strict system to investigate it and keep records."

Davenport schools want kids to feel safe and secure in the classroom. That means being free from pressures that disrupt learning and life.

Changes are designed to improve both reporting and investigation. During challenging times, it's something that Davenport takes seriously.

"It's important because kids are supposed to be nice," said Lauren Groene, a soon-to-be second grader.

The subject is attracting a lot of community attention. Within the elegance and grace of Ballet Quad Cities, there's an important take on bullying prevention.

"They know to talk to a parent or someone at home and someone at school," said dancer Calvin Rowe.

Lessons against bullying that remain a top priority in Davenport.

"All I can hope is that this helps us," said Davenport School Board President Ralph Johanson. "It helps the administration. It helps the community in reducing bullying."

A district that's looking for ways to silence the words that wound.