Hail To The Chief: I Prefer the Dew Point

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First stretch of 90 degree plus temperatures is still in the cards as we go through the rest of this work week.  This will also come with surging dew point temperatures in the 70s.  Wow!  Now, things are going to get uncomfortably toasty.


Personally, I prefer the dew point simply because its based on a temperature.  Dew point is the #1 indicator of the total amount of moisture in the air.  Most people find dew points of less than 60 degrees comfortable. When the dew point rises above 65 degrees people will begin feeling that the air is “sticky.”  As the dew points climb through the 70s which we’re anticipating in the days ahead the humidity bothers more and more people who are outdoors.  The dew point at which the humidity begins to bother you is determined by whether you’re in the sun or the shade, if there is or isn’t a breeze, how long you’ve been outside, and how acclimated you are to hot, humid weather.

High dew points are uncomfortable because the air’s humidity slows the evaporation of perspiration or sweat from your body which is a way of cooling you off. The National Weather Service calculates the heat index which doesn’t measure the actual air temperature but rather what the humidity makes the air  “feel like.”  It’s also the best guide to the danger of heat illnesses.  In the days ahead heat indices are expected to approach 100 degrees!!  Stay cool my friends.