Fans hit Deere Run for golf, and porkchops

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Fans come to Deere Run to enjoy great golf, but it’s not just the players they’re talking about; it’s also about the porkchops.

Pork Chop hill has been a fixture with the tournament going back to the days at Oakwood.

Located behind the 16th green, thousands of porkchops are cooked and sold every day. During the first days of the tournament, 2,500 porkchops were sold. Over the weekend, the count is expected to go up to 3,500.

“There is a special spice, a pork chop seasoning that we use on them,” said grill master, Jeff Boyce.  “We season them about 24-hours before we cook them and then let them marinate in it overnight and then bring them up here and cook them.”