‘Pink Heals’ Tour Visits the Quad Cites, Spreads Message

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It looks the same on the inside, but it's very different on the outside.

A bright pink fire truck stopped in East Moline, Illinois on Saturday, July 13th, 2013. The truck is part of the 'Pink Heals' Tour, where several pink truck drive across the country carrying a giant sculpture of the international symbol for breast cancer awareness - the Ribbon of Hope.

Today, the truck was at the East Moline Fire Department giving local residents a chance to sign their names or leave messages on the outside of the truck for loved ones who are battling breast cancer.

"We have women that drive four hours to sign her name on this truck," says Dave Graybill, Founder of the 'Pink Heals' Tour. "The progam is free. I give it to your communites and inspire them to fundraise without rasing taxes."

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