Kids get tips from the pros at JDC

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There's something for the whole family out at Deere Run this week. For the second year, John Deere has sponsored a Family Zone that gives kids a chance to practice their swing and get free advice from local PGA pros.

"I just love watching all the great players, love watching Zach Johnson, he's one of my favorite players," said visitor AJ Foster.

Off the course, there's plenty of entertainment as well. Local PGA pros will correct your stroke during free 10-minute lessons. There are also video simulators, and a chance to putt a replica of Deere Run's 10th hole.

"We're gonna teach them how to swing like the pros they're watching. So, we've got anywhere from novice to your average hacks," said Waterloo pro Grant Feilmann.

"A lot of the most common mistakes are someone who's slicing the ball. They'll come over the top, it's a classic move in this swing, and they'll get the club moving from the outside across the ball," he added.

Visitors to the Family Zone Thursday said the activities were both helpful and fun.

"Following through all the way, and lifting up my leg," recalled one visitor.

"I like knowing what I'm doing wrong with my swing," he said.