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Quinn suspends pay for Illinois lawmakers

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says lawmakers will not see another paycheck until a deal is reached on the state's $100 billion pension crisis.

Quinn made the statement at a speech he delivered Wednesday, July 10, 2013 in Chicago.

Since coming to the Quad Cities on July 1st, Quinn has said there will be "consequences" if the 10 member conference committee didn't strike a deal. Quinn said Wednesday that lawmakers will not get paid until a deal is made.

Quinn said he will also not accept his salary until the General Assembly sends him a comprehensive pension reform solution.

As previously reported, Quinn gave the committee a deadline of July 9th to figure out a deal on the pension crisis, but the group said that the governor's date was unrealistic.

Illinois residents here say that not paying lawmakers may be a good idea.

"Paying them for not doing their job is not good," Illinois resident Ryan Dyer said. "I don't get paid if I don't do my job, so why would you pay them if they didn't do their job as well?"

State House Rep. Pat Verschoore told us Wednesday he worried his staff also may not get paid if Quinn acted on the payment delay. He did say that he and his staff would get reimbursed once lawmakers struck a deal.

A spokesman from Gov. Quinn's office said staffers will continue to be paid as usual.

Quinn said members of the Illinois General Assembly make $67,836 annually, along with additional stipends for leadership positions, both of which were vetoed out today.