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Davenport aldermen look to green light parking on Harrision Street

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Davenport aldermen could decide Wednesday evening to approve a parking plan for Harrison Street.

If approved, it would allow parking on the west side of the street along a 13-block stretch of Harrison Street.

Summer season is sizzling at Rock's Anchor Grill. That's where customers enjoy a variety of made-from-scratch treats. But getting to the Harrison Street eatery isn't so easy.

"A lot of times it's tough to get parking spaces because there's only a few back here," said customer Scott Ryder.

That's why the traffic flow will likely change in coming weeks. Plans call to convert the right lane into street parking from 5th to 18th Streets. That will make room for parking on the west side of Harrison Street.

"They don't have to cross the street to get to my place," said Rock Eddleman, owner of Rock's Anchor Grill. "That will be okay with me."

Extra parking should help to make the Hilltop Campus Village more of a destination than a drive through. Something that's good for both businesses and residents.

Parking is a top issue for developers looking to expand into the village. It's important to enhance the mixed use of area businesses and residents. And with the Harrison Lofts on the way, it becomes even more timely.

"The future of this lies not in bulldozing blocks to have hundreds of parking spaces," said Scott Tunnicliff, director of the Hilltop Campus Village. "Rather, doing it in smaller increments."

Back at Rock's, that strategy sounds good to customers.

"I think it's a great idea," said Ryder.

They'll be serving convenience along with lunch. Supporters hope to have the parking spaces in place by mid-August. If all goes well, parking might be expanded to the east side of Harrison Street.

"I think it will slow down the traffic a little bit," Ryder concluded. "People will see different businesses here."

Much like Rock's food, a solution that sizzles with parking possibilities in Davenport.