Iowa law enforcement reflects on right to carry’s success

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It's a done deal, registered gun owners will soon be able to carry concealed firearms in the land of lincoln. Illinois became the last state in the country to legalize concealed carry and people in the Quad Cities dont have to look far to see the measure might work.
It's a controversial topic that was passed two years ago in Iowa, the right to carry.
Scott County Sheriff, Dennis Conard, says they havent noticed a change.
 'It has not had a major impact on how things have been going on in this state," Conard said.
Once the law went into affect more than 9,000 permits were issued.
"We've had about thirty-seven incidents where we've had to revoke those permits which is less than one percent," Conard said.
However, not everyone thinks it's going to be smooth sailing.
"Unfortunately the general assembly did not pass the amendatory veto I proposed and overrode my veto," Govenor Pat Quinn said.
Lawmakers overrode Governor Quinn's nine veto's. One of them was being able to carry a gun into an establishment that has a liqour license."It's just plain common sense that insitutions, establishments that have liqour licenses should not have guns at anytime on their premises," Quinn said.

Under this law, people will also be able to carry multiple weapons including high capacity magazines.
"It's very very important that we protect people and I dont think the legislation today does not do that," said Quinn.
It's a law that some think will end in tradegy while others think it will bring success.
"The major impact that illinois will see is more peope with the right to carry weapons but as far as the bad guys they'e always carried he weapons, there will be no change there," Conard said.
The Illinois State Police now have six months to set up a system to accept applications.