Test your bicycle safety knowledge

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Bike safety is all about education and awareness, according to Illinois’ Secretary of State, Jesse White.

The Illinois Bicycle Safety Quiz Challenge has been launched to help you test your bike safety knowledge. The quiz was developed by the League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) along with Jesse White, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon and Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider, as well as several state dignitaries.

 A spokesperson from LIB said the quiz is a resource for bicyclists and drivers to learn how to properly share the road with one another. The website has designed quizzes for adult bicyclists, child bicyclists, and motorists.

“When motorists and bicyclists know how to share the road and follow the rules, it makes the trip safer and less stressful for both,” said LIB executive director Ed Barsotti. “Our online quizzes are a quick, easy, and fun way for all of us to learn a bit more.”

According to LIB, anyone who completes a quiz is eligible for raffle prize money and other incentives. Elementary schools and driver education programs can also become eligible if they have high participation rates. Prizes are funded by Illinois’ Share the Road specialty license plates.

“By providing additional educational tools like these for bicyclists and drivers, we will help them to become better equipped to travel in a responsible ways on the roads of Illinois,” White said.

Click here to take the quiz.