UPDATE: IDOT steps up to make deadly intersection safer

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An Illinois police officer’s mission pays off, we told you last week about his goal to make an intersection safer after a deadly accident in Colona, Illinois. Now the Illinois Department of Transportation is taking action.

Donna Fowler has seen quite a few accidents in the short time she has lived in her home located right next to the Route six and Illinois 84 intersection.

"Something definitely has to be done with this,” says Donna.

The most recent accident, Donna will never forget. Scott Teerlink and his ten year old son Luke were killed in an accident at that intersection.

"A lot of accidents can be prevented and I think this is probably one that could have been,” says Donna.

Police officer Jeff Wilson who was friends with Scott has pushed for a stop light, "It really hit home and I just felt this urge to do something."

The biggest problem with the intersection is visibility. It’s hard for drivers to see other vehicles coming up the hill. Jeff’s wish is becoming closer to reality, the Illinois Department of Transportation called him with good news.

Right now there are only a few signs, IDOT plans on bringing more awareness to the intersection, "That's going to be the temporary fix for now, flashing lights, larger signs and they're going to do some painting in the asphalt."

If all goes well a stop light could be added next June and while Jeff knows it’s not a for sure solution, "It's human nature, will somebody maybe have an accident in the intersection, sure it might happen.”

It will help prevent more accidents from happening, "I think even if it helps one person, saves one life you know as well as I do, that’s a good thing,” says Jeff.

IDOT’s aiming to install larger signs, blinking safety lights and repaint the road before August. In addition to a stop light, crews are also considering additional turn lanes there.