Gov. Quinn makes big changes to carry and conceal bill

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has made big changes to the Illinois carry and conceal law that is about to go into effect.

Tuesday, Gov. Quinn made an amendatory veto to the bill, inserting his own language. A person would only be able to carry one gun and one ammo clip with just 10 rounds of ammunition.

Local governments would now be able to make future laws on assault weapons bans if they'd like. A person would not be able to take the gun onto a person's private property without their permission.

Both Republicans and Democrats are upset Governor Quinn made the changes to the bill. Sponsors of the old bill say he did it to get support from Chicago voters.

Governor Quinn wants lawmakers to return to Springfield Monday to talk about the legislation. The state is supposed to have some sort of conceal carry law on the books by Tuesday. Lawmakers can override the Governor's veto if they get enough support.