Flooding recedes, River Drive reopens

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After being closed to traffic for over a week, Moline's River Drive will reopen Friday afternoon. Davenport's River Drive is mostly open.

According to the City of Moline Public Works Department, River Drive will be open again at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 5, 2013.

River Drive has been closed from 23rd Street to 55th Street since June 27, 2013.

Crews cleaned and removed debris from the road and the Ben Butterworth Parkway to prepare for the roadway’s reopening.

The Davenport Public Works crews have opened up River Drive from Warren Street to the east; all four lanes are open.

Division Street to Warren Street on River Drive remains closed because flood waters are still on the road at the Marquette Street intersection. Waters are expected to recede on Sunday, allowing crews to open River Drive by Monday morning on July 8.

Brady Street, south of River Drive is open to the casino. Roadways south of River Drive are closed because of flooding.