Kayaking down the Mississippi for cancer

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One teen is making it his mission this summer to help others fighting cancer. He’s doing that by kayaking down the Mississippi River in 60 days to raise money for cancer research. Half way through his journey he stopped through Buffalo, Iowa on Thursday, July 4, 2013.

19 year old Brock Wood is spending his summer on the Mississippi River, "It's been a fun time. It's been experiencing different things every single day, encountering snakes, the random people meeting along the river."

After beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the last year, he wanted to help others who are fighting cancer.

"Six treatments of chemo and then three weeks of radiation was tough so it's something that will be a memory of my entire life so then this will be another memory of my life,” says Brock.

Along with him was his brother Stu, "I watched him  battle through cancer for about 4 or five months and it was pretty tough to see my little brother, the strongest guy I know that us just get beat up by cancer and then come out here about two months after he gets done taking on the mighty miss."

So Brock grabbed a kayak and set sail in June.

"Everyone has a story, I mean just going out there and listening to other people um just hearing about other people's lives and it's just awesome,” says Brock.

His end destination is to reach New Orleans, hoping to raise $100,000 for cancer research.

"It shows the character he's got, you know, he doesn’t give up,” says Stu.

Not giving up to reach his goal, Brock’s message is simple, "Keep faith through the whole entire thing."