Flooding gives River Bandits fans a different experience

The rising river did not stop the commitment and the curiosity of baseball fans.  Water surrounds Modern Woodmen Park and as the flood walls prevented water from coming in it didn’t keep fans out.  On Sunday, June 30, 2013, fans headed to the River Bandits game, but what was outside the stadium gave fans a different experience.

Fans had to tip toed around flooded parking lots, "When it floods you’re like all right we get to go you know walk on stuff to get to the game, not just the normal way,” says Tony Sallazar who attended the game.

Giving first timers like Cristin Langevin, an experience they won’t forget, "It makes me feel like you could probably go fishing off the backside of the stadium."

A flood wall surrounded Modern Woodmen Park to keep water out, "It’s nice they actually have the flood wall up, because I was here when they didn't have them up. Every year the park would be flooded,” says Richard Brown who went to the game.

Fans got to escape walking over the bridge today since there was a dry path to get inside, “A little disappointed. I think that would have made it more of an experience,” says Langevin.

 Either way, a little water couldn’t keep these fans away, "You can't beat a good game outside,” says Sallazar.


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