Community celebrates life of Muscatine man

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A community mourning the loss of a man killed by a tornado in Muscatine switched gears to celebrate his life.

Wayne Haury, a Kreiger Collision Center employee, lost his life after being hit by debris in the storm on Monday, June 24, 2013.

“This is truly a celebration of life and the community has come together fabulously, especially the church,” said Haury’s sister-in-law.

Haury’s daughter commended and thanked the community for coming together to support a church and a family. Cavalry church, which was badly damaged in the storm, hosted a garage sale to create space for worship, but the proceeds from the garage sale were donated to Haury’s family.

“I want to thank everybody for donating and coming together and comforting my mom,” said Haury’s daughter, Jayne Jarvis. “We’ll miss my dad very much.”