Beyond the Green Screen: Me vs. 290lb Pig

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Last Tuesday I was given the opportunity to participate in the “Celebrity Showmanship” at the Rock Island County Fair. I was to show a pig and impress the judges with my hog knowledge. I had no previous experience working with farm animals but I accepted the challenge. I was showing for the chance to win money for the Relay for Life of Rock Island County.


My 4-H trainer, Mya, graciously offered me her “bling” for the big event. I wore her belt, pig necklace, and sparkly rose headband. I definitely looked the part. Now I just had to prove myself.
pig 4

After training with Mya in the barn, it was my turn to show everyone what I had learned. I walked the pig around the arena the best I could and answered the judges questions correctly. It was actually a lot of fun!

In the end I made the top 7 and won $100 for Relay for Life. I was grateful but a little disappointed I didn’t make the top 3. Did the judges not see my belt?! Did they not see what I collected on the bottom of my boots?!😉
pig 2

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