A push for a stop light at a deadly intersection

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It’s an intersection known for accidents. Most recently Route Six and Highway 84 in Colona, Illinois was the scene of the deadly crash that took the life of a father and his son. Now a family friend is working to make sure that tragedy like that doesn’t happen again.

"I don't want to see that happen again, a tragic thing and I just never want to see it again,” says Donna Fowler who recalls that day Scott Teerlink and his ten year old son Luke were killed.

On June 14, 2013, they were involved in a crash at the intersection.

"Something needs to be done,” says Fowler, who lives next to the intersection.

"They need something, whether it’s flashing yellow down at the end of the road or something to make drivers more aware,” says Fowler.

Friend of the Teerlink family, police officer Jeff Wilson, has made it his mission to try to prevent other accidents and fatalities.

He says the biggest problem is visibility, "It’s on a small hill and so there's problem seeing and it's a busy intersection."

Right now there are a few stop signs, but Wilson says that’s not enough, he would like to see a stop light put in.

"No more people need to be injured, there doesn't need to be any more accidents, please there can’t be anymore fatalities,” says Wilson.

It’s a solution Wilson says could saved his friends life and could save someone else’s in the future.

“Maybe this fatality here is going to hopefully open up some eyes, make some react, and fix the problem,” says Wilson.

Wilson said he has reached out to the Illinois Department of Transportation, but has not heard anything back.