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Heat doesnt keep runners away from Bix race

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Temperatures reaching 89 degrees, a heat index of lows 90’s, thousands of runners sprinted up Brady Street. Bix training run forced everyone to try and handle the elements, for everyone is was an uphill battle.

There was a lot of water and a lot of ice for a lot of runners, Thursday, June 27, 2013, who made sure to fill up before they took off.

"I'm use to the heat, by the end I’m probably going to be dripping in sweat."

Despite the heat, it didn’t keep these runners inside, "It's all part of getting use to and getting trained,” says runner David Timmsen.

Assistant race director for Bix, Paul Schmiddt, says it’s all about preparing them for Bix 7, a seven mile race, “Bix is always hot so training in the heat is a good thing."

 Keeping hydrated is key, so there are water stations every two miles for the runners, "We definitely don’t want anybody overheating or overdoing it too much,” says Schmiddt.

"Just bring a water bottle around and drinking water periodically and I'll probably stop once or twice on the course to get water,” says runner, Mason Tope.

With a little bit of wind on their side, they’re ready for the next big race, heat and all.

 "It's a really good atmosphere down here and it's a lot of fun,” says Timmsen.