Davenport Flooding Costs City Over $300,000

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Crews in Davenport are preparing for the Mississippi River to crest for the 4th time this year and each time is not cheap.

According to Davenport city officials, the cost to fight the Mississippi has topped $300,000 which doesn't include what this time will cost.  The first and largest flood cost the city $287,548.  The smaller ones cost around $20,000 because sandbags and other things can be reused.  The money used comes from spending reductions, sewer and clean water fees, general funds and road use tax funds.

Davenport resident, Jim Murphy says he thinks the city should consider investing in a flood wall to fight the floods.

"I think something should be done on a more permanent basis if they can come up with a feasible plan," Murphy says.

Bob Lundin is not convinced that is the best plan.  He says he wouldn’t put bets on Iowa weather being consistent enough.

"It’s kind of a crab shoot.  Obviously last summer it wasn’t a problem for them and this year, this is the fourth time they have had to put the big barriers on it,” Lundin says.

When asked in money saved this past winter due to the light snow fall is used for flooding, city officials told us that it all 'evens out'.  The city has used extra money from the road use tax fund (used for snow plows in the winter) for cost of floods.