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Orion tangles with roof removal and tree troubles

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There's dramatic impact at C.R. Hanna Elementary School in Orion. That's where strong winds on Monday ripped the roof off its school gym.

In Tuesday's sunshine, a work crew surveys damage at the school. Custodian Henry Carson recalled the storm's path.

"It went through here," he gestured. "Just cut right straight over this way."

Fortunately, nobody was inside when winds whipped the roof right off the gym.

"Thank God they weren't in there," Carson said.

Now, it's time to pick up the pieces and start over.

"That top of the roof was just laying on top of the other part of the roof over here," he said. "It was a mess."

The mess continued with lots of sawing after the storm. Utility crews also worked throughout the morning to restore power.

Severe weather also took a toll on trees. Crews took them down and chopped branches after wicked winds reshaped Orion's landscape.

"Did not see a tornado," said Howard Crane. "But it was just massive rain."

The south side of Orion bore the brunt of the storm. There are toppled trees and piles of branches everywhere you look.

Some homes are missing shingles and parts of roofs. Quick reactions kept a bad situation from getting worse.

"It turned completely black," recalled Jackie Williams. "I got in the house."

"Within two minutes, it was through here and gone," added Roger Peterson.

And there was the unusual, too. More than one case of a flying trampoline.

"The storm blew it over two houses and wedged it between a brick house and a fence," said Dan Meiresonne.

One branch at a time, they're restoring order to Orion.

"It tore up a lot of stuff," concluded Carson.

Stuff like a school roof that's now ready for replacement.

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