Moline neighborhood hit hard in storm

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Up and down the streets of one Moline neighborhood, the sounds of generators and chainsaws are in the air.

And on the ground, toppled trees. Lots of them.

"We have some 100 trees, and we lost six, but no oaks. We were lucky. The pickup's toast, because the tree fell on it," said resident Patrick Reed, while sweating and clearing away debris from his yard to the curb in front of nearby Thomas Jefferson school.

The city says more than a hundred trees were lost in the storm, but that seems like an underestimate, surveying the damage in pockets of the city between 29th Street and 34th Street, near Moline High School.

"I'm just cleaning up as much as I can and staying with family until I get some power," said resident Donna Anderson.

Anderson's entire front yard is filled with downed trees, and she lost her backyard fence, part of her screened-in porch, and forget about her glass patio table.

Across the alley, a giant tree pulled from its roots landed on a house. Raney's Tree Service had to call for a special crane to lift it off the home.

City crews were out Tuesday clearing city trees and brush. They will haul debris for residents for free, as long as it's less than 7 feet long and curbside until July 5th.

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