Flash Flood Destroys Roads and Damages Houses in Wheatland

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Just northwest of the Quad Cities, several communities are cleaning up after Mother Nature delivered more than just flash floods.  Some Wheatland, Iowa residents say they are still trying to recover from the last big storm.

Carl and Sandy Sparlin say they didn’t have enough time to get out of their home before flash floods trapped them inside.

“I looked outside and I went ‘oh my freaking God, it’s here.’ I said ‘we're stuck, we're not going anywhere,’” Sandy describes.

The couple says they were still working to clean up and replace things from the last flash floods that high their area. They say they are grateful though that they and their pets are ok.  Sandy still has a few words for Mother Nature.

“Enough is enough, girlfriend!”

Just less than a block away, Grace and Shelby Jensen had a little different story. Gone for just an hour, they came back to their door blown open and piles of corn stalks in the house.

“We came back and there was water just flowing in her house,” Grace says.  “We couldn't get through because it was probably up to my knees.”

It wasn’t just houses that were damaged.  The force and the water completely washed away a section of 130th Ave. in Wheatland as well.  The county public works officials say they are not sure how long it may take to fix the road, they are waiting to hear if they will be receiving federal funding assistance.