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Photos: Trees damaged by storm winds

Posted on: 8:16 pm, June 24, 2013, by , updated on: 12:24pm, June 25, 2013

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  • THis is a picture of my tree after the storm

  • Tree snapped in half at apartment complex in Muscatine,Iowa

  • Tree down in storm 6-24-13 photo shared by Dana Taylor via WQAD iPhone app

  • Tree down in Hillsdale 6-24-13 photo from Nick Glazier via Facebook - Copy

  • Tree down at house in Milan, Illinois 6-24-13 photo from Nellie Prado Brock via Facebook

  • Tree uprooted at 41st and 1st in East Moline 6-24-13 photo from Mary Bemric

  • Tree on Main between Second Street and Roosevelt in Clinton, Iowa photo from Sheila Lampe via WQAD app

  • Tree down on Main Avenue in Clinton 6-24-13 from kellsBells Alm via Facebook

  • Tree damaged by 6-24-13 storm photo from Karin Pierson

  • Tree down on house 7 miles south of Rock Falls 6-24-13 photo from Ernie and Pam

  • Tree on cars at Two Rivers YMCA 6-24-13 (WQAD Photo)

  • Muscatine storm damage 6-24-13 submitted photo

  • Muscatine storm damage 6-24-13 photo submitted

  • Highway 61 storm damage in Muscatine 6-24-13 photo from Jorge Trimboli

  • Branches down around 31st Street in Moline 6-24-13 photo from Kristen Ziegler via Facebook

  • Tree down 6-24-13 on West 8th Street in Davenport - photo from Josh Welsh via WQAD app

  • Tree down from 6-24-13 storm photo from Nichole Frels via WQAD app

  • Tree down in 6-24-13 storm photo from Stacie Haines via WQAD iPhone app

  • Trees down in Reynolds, Illinois 6-24-13

  • Trampoline in tree on 26th Avenue in Moline - photo from Jenny Hartley Kronberg via Facebook

High winds and strong storms brought trees down in communities across the Quad Cities area Monday, June 24, 2013.

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