Flash flooding leaves Lowden, Iowa, with high water headaches

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Flash flooding was filling houses and washing out roads in Cedar County, Iowa, Monday morning.

Vickie Boettcher remembers the call at work early Monday.

"Vickie, it's bad," she remembered.

So bad that flash flooding fills her house in Lowden.

"Everything's floating on the ground floor," she said.

Flooding forcing her to wade through chest-deep water to rescue her blind cat and a puppy named Bandit.

"Bandit was sitting on top of the floating coach," she remembered.

Thunder later Monday is a reminder of storms dumping too much water, too quickly. An estimated six to eight inches of rain falling in Lowden overnight.

Firefighters make three water rescues by boat. Everybody is safe in the aftermath.

"Devastating for the people that live in the houses," said Duane Brockmeyer, a former resident. "It's bad."

Runoff turning a road into a waterfall. For a time, stranding several workers on a makeshift island.

"That water's coming down here and filling this up," said Tim Malott, Cedar County emergency management director.

Flash flooding claiming Vickie's car and camper. It's shocking and surprising for the longtime Lowden resident.

"Not this bad," she said. "Not this bad."

Heavy rain overwhelming creeks and streams, leaving debris to float away. The situation stops train traffic for a time and shuts down several Cedar County roads.

"The ground is saturated," Malott said. "It's just got to go somewhere."

Folks like Vickie Boettcher are bracing to pick up the pieces. She's recovering with Bandit, her puppy.

"He's okay," she said. "He's wet and cold. Nobody was hurt. Just a lot of damage."

Damage from flash flooding in Lowden, Iowa, that they won't forget.

Cedar County is taking action to get disaster assistance. Vickie isn't sure if insurance will cover her damage.