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Every morning my day starts with me checking the radar on my phone. The first thing I want to know is if there are any storms nearby and if there are, how strong are the they, where are they going and when. This usually determines how fast I get out of bed to put together the rest of my forecast. If all is clear then I usually hit the snooze button.

I don’t think everyone checks the radar when they wake up in the morning but the forecast is usually something most people pay attention to before they start their day. It can determine what you wear, where you can go and what you can do. The weather affects everyone is some way or another each and every day.

It should be no surprise that when I go out to the grocery store, out to dinner or just to run some errands I sometimes will get asked about the weather if I am recognized. That actually happened twice already today. Both times the people apologized for asking. You don’t have to apologize!

I love my job and I love the weather. Weather is one of the easiest things to talk about and often comes up in small talk. I love meeting people and I love knowing that people are watching WQAD. If you see me out don’t be afraid to say “hi!” Just don’t blame the heat or storms on me😉

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