Task Force asks for public input to prevent future dog attacks

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Leaders in Galesburg continue to ask for public input to improve animal control laws after a fatal dog attack in March of 2013.

An Animal Control Task Force was created after 7-year-old Ryan Maxwell was attacked by a pit-bull. On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 the group had their fourth meeting. Residents have been asked to share their ideas to protect people in the future from possible attacks.

Member of the task force and shelter director, Erin Buckmaster, said that she would like to see a limit put on breeders, but doesn’t want to see responsible pet owners suffer because of the ones that aren’t so responsible.

“If you’re a legitimate breeder, fine. But these backyard breeders have to be stopped,” said Buckmaster.

The next group meeting will be on July 2 at Galesburg City Hall.