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Survivor of Deadly Fire Moving Forward, Thanks Community

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After surviving a fire that killed his wife, daughter and 3 others, Wayne Viager says the only thing he can do is move forward.

“Yea, it bothers me and I will never forget about it but you can’t let it beat you down.  Wayne says, “It’s not fair to you or anybody else or to them.”

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It's where Wayne has decided to rebuild that may surprise you.  Wayne has laid foundation of what will be his new home, just feet away from where his mobile home once stood.  He says it is how he and his late wife, Anna had planned.

“The two of us always had a dream of building a house out here, kind of where I got it sitting now.  That’s how she wanted it.”

He says the community's support has been overwhelming.  Numerous benefits have been held around the area, raising enough money to make the build possible.  Wayne wanted to make sure everyone knew how much he appreciated their help.

“I want to tell everybody thanks; the community and everybody that has helped out and been here, thanks.”

He says he is rebuilding one step at a time.  On his lot, just south of where his mobile home was, he has planted 5 new trees.  Each tree represents one of the girls lost that night.  There is also an angel next to the trees that was a gift from a stranger.

“I thought that would be appropriate to put [next to the trees] to kind of watch over them, a symbol for them because they were all angels in my eyes.”