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Plans approved for new lion exhibit at Niabi Zoo

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Come next year, the Niabi Zoo’s lions will have a new habitat, giving zoo explorers a better view of the cats.

According to Zoo Director Marc Henizman, on Tuesday, June 18, plans to construct a new lion enclosure were approved by the county board. He said the zoo’s three lions have been moved to the Big Cat Complex for now and in eight-to-nine months they will be moved to their new home.

The enclosure, which is one of the oldest exhibits in the zoo, will allow spectators to see the lions better, according to Heinzman Currently the enclosure is below the viewer, soon it will be on the same level, and zoo-goers will be able to see the lions through windows.

Another feature the construction will provide is a view of the lion exhibit from a classroom, Heinzman said.

“We want to provide a better habitat for the animals and also at the same time provide a better experience for the guests when they come to the zoo,” said Heinzman.