Adoption finalized for little girl and sisters who stood up to sex abuse

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There's an official new start for a little girl who stood up against sexual abuse to save herself and her sisters.

The three girls were all legally adopted by their aunt and uncle in a Scott County courtroom on Monday, June 17. Their biological mother is serving 30 years in prison for knowing they were being sexually abused by her boyfriend, and doing nothing to stop it.

"The final chapter is over. We finally got to adopt our three little princesses we've been caring for, for so long", said Christie Rimkus, the girl's now adoptive mother.

The girls wore dresses and tiaras and the family celebrated with ice cream and presents.

"This summer, we're going to take a vacation, one with our grandpa and one with my mom and dad", said the oldest girl, now 11. "It feels good to have a mom and dad", she said.

When she was nine, the little girl refused to get on a Davenport school bus until she told a teacher that she was being abused by her mother's boyfriend, and that he was now going after her little sisters.

He is now serving prison time.

"Just don't be afraid to tell a parent or a teacher, even cops. Do something about it to get away from these people", she said. "I'm really excited that the guy who did this to me, is out of my life", she said.

The girls are all "doing fantastic" in school and are involved in student council, choir, and tumbling.

They've changed their first names and last name, to try and start over. They have all undergone extensive counseling and will continue therapy, but their new mom says, they are moving forward as a loving family.

"Abuse doesn't have to be the end of a childhood", she said.