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Hail To The Chief: Lawn Owners, Beware!

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Despite all this flurry of rain we’ve seen this spring I, as well as many of you, couldn’t be any happier with the way your lawn looks.  However, one pest couldn’t be any happier either and that is the pesky grub.


What can they do to your lawn?  Plenty. You should’ve seen my lawn a couple of years ago.  What a mess!!  White grubs in particular feed on the roots of well soiled grasses in sunny areas.  This results are wilting and browning of irregular shaped areas on your lawn.  If the grass easily comes up, guess what, you’ve got  grubs.


Its that time of the year to get those grubs!  June is an excellent time to prevent white grubs in turf.  Adult beetles lay eggs in late spring or early summer. The eggs hatch into grubs which feed on the roots of turf through the summer and fall, then dig down to spend the winter deep in the soil. They become active as the soil warms in the spring, and feed for a few days to a few weeks.  So, this is the time to get those eggs.

How?  For me, I’ll go the a garden center and pick up some ‘Scott’s Grub Ex’.  This will not kill your grass.  Its a growth regulator.  It disrupts the grub’s life cycle so they cannot mature.  So, if you want to be proud of your lawn and avoid pulling up dead turf in the future, think about getting this stuff.  It works!!!